Dewberry’s Freedom Campaign

Photo of Sitawa on a visit with his family, Feb 27, 2016

Sitawa on a visit with his family, Feb 27, 2016

Dewberry’s Freedom Campaign
36-year Struggle for Freedom
“Your Support is Welcome and Needed”

For nearly 37 years now, this captive New Afrikan Prisoner of War (N.A.P.O.W.) has been fighting against the evil injustice and racism of the white supremacy judicial system of the United States, which unlawfully arrested, convicted and sentenced our brutha, Sitawa N. Jamaa (a/n Ronnie Dewberry) to Amerika’s new slavery institution (i.e., prison industrial complex) for the rest of his life (which equals a “civil death penalty”) on a murder charge that he did not commit, but which was “confessed” to by another man!

Brutha Sitawa’s innocence is clearly supported by the factual record in this case:

In 1980, a lone man was reportedly witnessed standing in front of the home of Maurice Wiliams. According to the court records, this man was not Brutha Sitawa, but another man whose girlfriend had been taken hostage along with their children by the Williams family and friends. The record goes on to say that the man had a gun and when he saw his woman being grabbed and pulled into the Williams’ home, it provoked the man to stick his rifle between the door and stop them from closing the door. However, then man confessed that the contact of the closing of the door upon his gun caused it to discharge, hitting the victim, Maurice Williams, and killing him.

At the same time of the shooting, Brutha Sitawa was reported by eyewitnesses to have been several blocks away at a store. However, due to the fact that Brutha Sitawa had visited the Williams’ home earlier that day, trying to persuade them to release the children tha tthey held hostage, the police immediately rushed to judgment and made Brutha Sitawa the suspect in the case.

Immediately, when Brutha Sitawa heard that the police was looking for him and was at his mother’s house harassing her about his whereabouts, Brutha Sitawa went to his mother’s house; he told the police to cease their harassing of his mother. Brutha Sitawa voluntarily went to the police station because he had done nothing wrong, and he maintained his innocence throughout the questioning. Brutha Sitawa was wrongly arrested, jailed, and has never seen his freedom since…

Eventually, the man (whose woman and children had been held hostage) came forward and confessed to the shooting alone and that no one was present with him when the shooting occurred.

Unfortunately, by this time, it was too late for Brutha Sitawa. The State’s wheels of injustice were already in motion due to both the police and District Attorney’s rush to judgment and to save embarrassment to the State for wrongly arresting Brutha Sitawa in the first place. He found himself systematically railroaded through the State’s criminal justice system of racism and injustice, by a corrupt prosecutor, functioning in collusion with the trial judge and pretentious defense attorney acting like she was upholding some constitutional rights that she knew was not drafted with the purposeful intent to apply equally and fairly to Afrikans/Blacks in these racist judicial law enforcement and penal institutions of Amerika.

They have stolen his outh and have kept him from his family for the last 36 years, and they continue to deny this innocent brother the justice he deserves. We must demand justice now! All law students, attorneys, religious leaders, news reporters, radio brioadcasters and community activists concerned for justice to all in Amerika should contact:

Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa
s/n R.N. Dewberry, C35671
SVSP C1-118
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960-1050

You can read more on injustice done to Brutha Sitawa in this 2013 artcle he wrote for the SF Bay View: Injustice runs deep.