Our Perspective on Understanding Subliminal Perception


“The struggle begins with each of us… Our mental freedom begins now! I shall exemplify my love for our people’s liberation / mental struggle!!!”

By Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa

Understanding Subliminal Perception

Mind control in the United States has a historical practice in that its production of subliminal perception – communication outlines the principles of mental programming, i.e., that an initial distraction must be followed by repetitive commands, and it tells you how these ideas are implemented.

Subliminal perception is a process, a deliberate process created by communications technicians, by which you receive and respond to information and instructions without being consciously aware of the instructions. The United States government continues the psychological manipulation of subliminal perception and communication (s.p.c.), within the civilian population and specifically within the armed forces (boot camp) to which it is a repetitive command to its subject’s sub-consciousness and conscious mind.

We have studied the effectiveness of how to confuse the human mind. The United States government clearly understands how to control the mind, body in order to defer most people from paying conscious attention to the things that affect the general public subconsciously. People don’t usually know what to look for. However, when pointed to, those things can be recognized and understood.

The principles of mind control, hypnotic suggestion and mental programming are intrusive subliminal techniques that are used through radio, television and movies. According to now declassified documents, the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) tested subliminal manipulation in movie theatres during the late 1950s. The term used does not matter, the principles remain the same.

The goal is to suspend the thought process of the conscious mind to cause a state of mind that is just like ‘day dreaming.” Stop conscious thought and the mind is in its most suggestible state and is more receptive to programming than at any other. Therefore, local police, District Attorney offices, Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.), State Attorney Generals offices and the CIA [know] the first principle of mind control is distraction. Distraction focuses the attention of the conscious mind on one or more of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) in order to program the subconscious mind. All humans do not think the same thoughts, but all humans think with the same mechanism – the brain. The brain works thoughts out one step at a time, just like a computer. The tools of the conscious mind are words (spoken, written and thought) and pictures and sound.

“I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the Fundamental laws of the Universe through my rational mind.” – Albert Einstein

The powers of intuition are the powers of the subconscious mind. The right side of the brain is the center of intuition, creativity and emotion. The purpose of propaganda is to direct public attention to certain facts. The whole art consists in doing this so skillfully that everyone will be convinced that the fact is real.

By clever manipulation, people can be led to believe something that is not true when such information is carefully timed and presented by an accepted and respected means (authority). Information is processed by the brain in a very specific way. At the base of the brain, there is a check “valve” called the Reticular Activating system that screens information. What seems to happen is this: when new information is introduced, it is compared with previously acquired information and then catalogued. When the information is required, it is retrieved and brought into conscious awareness according to need. Now, if there is no “file” for this piece of information, a file is begun and added to when related information is acquired. If you accept the information as true, it is catalogued that way. And if you reject the information as false, it is catalogued that way. However, if you don’t know if the information is true or not, your trust in the source of the information determines whether or not you accept it, even if you are not sure or don’t understand it.

It is not necessary to entrust yourself to another person to produce the hypnotic state of mind. Dr James braid demonstrated that the hypnotic state of mind could be produced by fixing your gaze upon a bright object. In fact, any repeating light or sound pattern can lead you into that state of mind that is just like “day dreaming.” There is selective attention and heightened suggestibility. There is acceptance of distortion only when distorted information is give and you don’t know that it is distorted information. The word “symptoms” is usually used when referring to an illness or disorder. The hypnotic state of mind is a natural state of mind; it is neither an illness nor a disorder.

Propaganda cannot effectively work without education. The mind is conditioned with vast amounts of information posing as “facts” and “knowledge” dispensed for ulterior motives. The educated and intellectuals are the most vulnerable to propaganda because they absorb large amounts of second hand information and consider themselves to be above the effects of propaganda. Remember that propaganda draws attention away from information that is true, and directs attention to information that is false.

Common sense tells us that one must first gain the confidence and respect of people in order to deceive them. We frequently have the illusion that we are in complete control of ourselves and the contents of our minds and psyches; and it is this illusion that makes it possible to be manipulated, all the more successfully. Most people do not exercise their intelligence and critical faculties in evaluating the vast amounts of information they are assaulted with. As a result, they abdicate their responsibility for what happens to them.

Think for a moment about the way newscasters speak, and you will realize that they all talk the same way regardless of their ethnic background. Whether they be black, white. Latino, Hispanic or oriental, they all sound alike.

“Newspeak has become a language pattern associated with the dissemination of true, factual information. Consider the laugh tracks that have become an integral part of tv-comedies. They “educate” the audience to “respond” to what is funny.” The audience has been programmed to associate a resonating low monotone voice with evil, because of the evil behavior of movie- and television characters with that vocal quality. Emotions can be stirred, attitudes and states of mind revealed by nuances of tone and variation in vocal quality. The camera can reveal the smallest movement and the most subtle change of expression and give them significance and definition. Popular performers, past and present are “role models” for the audience to admire and emulate, thus promoting a standard for behavior. The public has been programmed to accept stereotypes that categorize people and professions. All verbal and non-verbal communication has been identified, defined and reduced to a code that can be manipulated.

Education of the young is used to condition them to what comes later, thereby eliminating the differences [between] propaganda and education. Propaganda cannot work effectively without education. The mind is conditioned with vast amounts of information posing as “facts” and “knowledge” dispensed for ulterior motives.

Remember the first principle behind mental programming: distraction. With propaganda, distraction focuses attention on information that is false. Repetition of the false information imbeds it in your subconscious mind so that your acceptance of its truth and accuracy becomes a conditioned response, circumventing analysis. Therefore, you accept this information as true without thinking about it. What people think, can be controlled by controlling information. People can be led to believe something that is not true when that information is presented by an accepted authority.

Your subconscious mind accepts as true what your conscious mind believes to be true. What the conscious mind believes, the subconscious acts on. It works like programming a computer, and the computer acts on it. However, if the information you feed into the computer is wrong, it still acts on it! If you give yourself incorrect information or if others give you incorrect information, the memory banks if your subconscious mind does not correct the error, but acts on it! The conscious mind cannot be controlled by the suggestions of someone else when those suggestions are contrary to what you know from your own experience. But the subconscious mind is amendable to control by suggestion, by you and others. The subconscious mind can be manipulated without conscious awareness as evidenced by the phenomenon of subliminal perception.

In the book 1984, George Orwell warns “that people are in danger of losing their human qualities and freedom of mind without being aware of it while it is happening because of psychological engineering.” Now remember your subconscious mind hears all. Repetition of a message is mental programming. Research indicates that repeated hearings whether sought out or not, yield acceptance and even liking. When you do not hear the message clearly, you cannot make the conscious choice or to accept or reject it. When you cannot make that choice, or when that choice is taken away from you, the message is programmed directly to your subconscious mind without your knowing it, thus circumventing analysis and choice in accepting the content of the message. These effects can be physical, psychological and emotional. Most people don’t pay conscious attention to the things that affect them subconsciously because they don’t know what to look for. However, when pointed to, these things are recognized and understood.

Watching television often creates an altered state of consciousness, because the television screen, while appearing static, actually flickers, what causes you to go into an altered state? In hypnosis, it is actually body relaxation and a carefully patterned voice roll. The hypnotist speaks with a regular beat, as if matching his words to a metronome (an instrument that makes repeated clicks at an adjustable pace for making rhythm).

In fact, any repeating light or sound pattern can lead you into the hypnotic state of mind, a state of mind that is exactly like daydreaming. This is an altered state of consciousness. Think of the times you have caught yourself staring blankly at the television screen losing all sense of time and place. When you stop conscious thinking and your mind goes blank, then your mind is in its most suggestible state. It is in this state of mind where you are the most receptive to mental programming. Think of the many times you have seen flashing words in both local and national tv-commercials. The flashing words are the conscious distraction for the eyes, while the eyes are being occupied, the message being spoken is programmed directly to your subconscious mind. Anything consciously perceived can be evaluated, criticized, discussed, argued, and possibly rejected. Any information programmed subliminally to your subconscious mind meets no resistance. This subliminal information is stored in your brain with an identification that will trigger a delayed alarm-clock-reaction capable of influencing your behavior.

In summation: it is interesting to note that [with] the subliminal seductions that batter our resistance daily, we can’t get enough help in our fight to raise the threshold of suggestibility high enough to fend off these relentless assaults on our individual autonomies.

In Struggle –

Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa

Consultant: Hadari S. Kambon

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